Tree Removal Saves Your Property from Damage

Trees in your neighborhood can add great beauty and comfort to the area when they are healthy and living. But too many people fail to have their trees checked when they suspect a tree is not thriving. There are signs that a tree is not healthy. If insects are abundantly present in the tree, if it is wilting, if it has holes in the bark, branches or leaves, if it has growths on the branches, if doesn’t produce any fruit or flowers or it’s oozing sap it is probably dying or dead. Upon noticing this problem your next move should be to call tree removal Largo FL.

Trees Falling on Your Property

Dead trees can easily be blown down by strong winds because their root system is not viable. The roots are often dead and rotted so they don’t have enough strength to secure the tree to the ground. Consequently, the tree, no matter how big it is will fall. To prevent this from happening, the tree should be removed as soon as it’s determined to be dead.

The Steps Involved with Tree Removal by a Layman

The process for removing trees includes preparation, planning and safety. Prepare the area where the tree is likely to fall and the area around the area within the circumference of the tree that is equal to its height. Upon clearing the circumference around the tree. Cut out a triangle in the side you wish the tree to fall at a 70-degree angle with a flat bottom. Then go to the opposite side of the tree and cut horizontally until only 1/10 the of the tree is remaining along the cut line. The tree should fall toward the 70-degree angle’s side, but it may need a little push on the opposite side. The tree should fall toward the angled cut. Next, you’ll need to get rid of the tree stump. For smaller stumps, you can dig out the tree stump. For a larger stump, you may need to use a chemical stump remover. To use a chemical stump remover, you should drill holes in the four to eight holes in the stump and pour the chemical remover in the holes. Let it sit for four to six weeks and then dig out the rotted material. Cut away the roots with a root saw and pull out them out with a grub hoe.

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Upon ridding your land of the dead tree, you can choose to plant a healthy tree or just enjoy the view that’s now been opened up. You have dead felled trees, a local forester who might want it for his mill. They will remove the tree after cutting it into smaller pieces for transport. If it is removed by a professional tree removal service, they will often cut taller trees down from the top. As the branches are removed, they keep moving down until they reach the trunk, which is again cut from the top until they end up with a stump. As you can see the process is much easier and faster when it’s done professionally.