The Benefits of Installing New Dual Pane Windows

Having well insulated windows is one of the primary ways to keeps HVAC costs down for a homeowner. Homes with broken windows or older windows are probably allowing a lot of air leakage to inflate energy bills year-round. In the winter the cold air thwarts the efforts of a perfectly good furnace and in the summer, it does the same thing to the efforts of an overworked cooling system. In both instances, the homeowner is paying far too much for heating and cooling their home. Cincinnati window installation is the answer to those energy problems and it will drastically increase the comfort of the family living in a home with new insulated windows.

The Cost of New Windows

Dual Pane Vinyl Windows Installed cost from $190 on the low end to as much as $1200 on the high end per window. Aluminum Windows with Dual Panes can cost between $400 and $1200 per window installed. Wood Windows with Dual Panes cost about $750 to $1150 per window installed. All these costs include the costs of materials including the glass, framing, exterior flashing and trim.

Types of Insulated Windows

A double pane window consists of two panes of glass separated by air. Attached to the interior glass is a sheet of solar film. In between the glass panels is a strip of desiccant to absorb any trapped moisture. Next to it should be a sealant vapor barrier as well as a heating wire. All of this is placed in the casement and installed. These windows are made to withstand the transmission of heat through them by having the highest R-values.

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The Other Benefits of Dual Pane Windows

Not only do homeowners benefit from lower heating and cooling bills when dual pane windows are installed.
They also reduce the noise getting indoors from outside.
With dual pane windows there is no need for storm windows.

The Process of Window Installation

• First the contractor establishes a rough opening.
• Then he double checks the rough opening, measuring the top, bottom and middle as well as the height on both sides of the opening.
• The contractor must protect against water infiltration with a six-inch-wide waterproof membrane.
• Install the window by making sure the nailing fins are perpendicular to the sides of the window frame and the sill sits into the bottom of the rough opening.
• Level the window and sink the first nail into the lower corner of the fin and the second nail into the bottom corner of the sill.
• Once again, check that the window is square.
• Seal the window’s perimeter and complete the window install.

The process of getting new windows installed is not too complicated, but the result and how it will make your household feel are monumental. Your household’s comfort level will completely change. The members of your household will be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, they’ll be able to enjoy watching TV or listening to their favorite music more and they’ll have fewer household chores when winter arrives, and they don’t have to put storm windows in the house.