Four Ways to Use Tile to Upgrade Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, and they also make you feel more at home when they’re updated. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel to update or renovate a bathroom that’s not functional or not stylish enough, you can do it without spending a lot of money. One of the easiest ways to add luxury to your bathroom is by using tile correctly. Bathroom tile Seattle WA contractors can help you use tile to create a spa-like space in your bathrooms that doesn’t break the bank. Here are four ways you can use tile to create a much more aesthetic space.

A Backsplash is A Perfect Addition

Using tile to add a backsplash behind the sink is a great way to add ambiance to any bathroom. One way to use tile in a small bathroom to create a striking result is to add it to the entire wall behind the sink. Small walls with a small mirror can be transformed from basic to beautiful with a simple but sophisticated tile pattern that extends the height of the ceiling. Think clean lines and simple colors, but don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns such as herringbone.

Replace A Standard Tub/Shower Combination

If your bathroom has a standard tub/shower combination, it might be made of fiberglass or porcelain. While it’s a nice addition to any bathroom, replacing the but with one that doesn’t use the same material from floor to ceiling can upgrade the room significantly. Adding decorative tile to the shower walls over the tub can create a more upscale look in the bathroom. It makes the space seem custom rather than the builder-special style created when you have a tub/shower combination.

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Create an Inlay

Tile inlays are spectacular when they’re done correctly. By adding a small row of glass tiles in three-quarters of the way up the shower wall between the larger tiles, you create a custom design. If there is a box in the shower wall where you place your shower items, continue the smaller tile into that space to make it stand out more. Future buyers will feel your bathroom was custom designed, and they are more likely to spend more money on your home than one with a basic bathroom feel.

Get Creative With Grout

Homeowners sometimes feel intimidated to think outside the box in terms of the grout they use in the bathroom. It’s common to go with a traditional neutral color, but there are times when you can go with a contrasting grout to create a high-end look. A light blue tile with a dark grey grout, for example, can add an upscale feel to the space. You could choose glittery grout to use in a smaller space, and you can get as creative as you please.

The object of a bathroom renovation is to make it as upscale as possible without overdoing it. It’s often the smallest features that make the biggest difference, and tile work can be one of those features. Talk to your contractor about how you can use your tile options to make the biggest impact before you begin your renovations.