Explore Exciting and Fun Barbados in Person

The beautiful island of Barbados has long been known to explorers. Since the fifteenth century, travelers have been drawn here to the island’s native culture, stunning beaches and diverse wildlife. Part of the British Commonwealth, Barbados combines a touch of Britain and the Caribbean in one place. A trip here offers the chance to step back in time and the opportunity to relax in quiet. Any traveler does well to think about what they want to see before they go as well as where they plan to stay. An island vacation here allows travelers to stay in luxurious accommodations that offer vistas of the sea from every room and every imaginable amenity. The calm waters also make the ideal place to catch a cruise to other island nations in the area such as St. Lucia and Grenada.

The West Coast

Head to the west coast if you love outdoor sports. Golf courses are open all year round in the mild weather. Go to this website to learn about many activities including playing golf in December on links that have amazing views of sky and sand. The west coast is also the place for magnificent resorts with plenty of things to do and private beaches galore. Historic Bridgetown is the capital of the island and home to many of the area’s long-standing buildings. Tour the capital and then head out to a beach. The western beaches are noted for offering calm waves ideal for families with children.

The South and East Coasts

Just like the rest of the island, the south and east also offer tremendous pleasures. A trip to the Andromeda National Gardens is a must see for anyone who loves flowers. Travelers looking to go surfing with waves that cooperate can opt for the Soup Bowl. The Bowl is an area of tremendous wave activity with lots of surfers happy to demonstrate their latest moves. Other beaches in this part of the island known for their wonderful waves include Crane Beach with lots of glorious pink sand and Silver Sands. When you are done with our surfing and beach combing, the eastern end of the island offers hikes across some of the best mountains in the Caribbean with gentle hills and incredible views.

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Enjoying Island Life

Any traveler to Barbados should be prepared for all weather conditions before they arrive. While the coasts can get very hot, the interior is often rainy. Bring lots of all weather gear and comfortable shoes in addition to a bathing suit. Island life here is all about being part of an island that knows how to pay homage to history, relax on a beach and then have a party. When you are here, you are part of a community that loves to greet people from all over the world. You can sample wonderful cuisine right in town or enjoy a fabulous barbeque at the beach. The choice is yours when visiting the wonderful island nation of Barbados.