Cash is King in Savannah GA for Fast Home Sales

If you live in Savannah, GA and need to sell your house or property fast, listen up! “We buy houses” isn’t some gimmick, it’s a real business for homeowners in Savannah that provide solutions in this sector. These businesses are legit in every aspect of real estate and provide cash in about one to three weeks rather than four to seven weeks with conventional bank loans. Cash is king when it removes last minute back-outs by interested buyers who can’t get financed and once the cash is in your pocket, there’s no backing out or hesitation left on your end.

Selling your home for cash has a lot of benefits, and even though you may not get as much money as if you would have waited for a real estate agent to close a deal, the immediate relief of your problem is solved. Cash is king in any real estate deal and it definitively means “as is” because it eliminates repairs and painting projects that a real estate agent will say needs to be done before they can show your home to potential buyers.

Do Your Homework

Skipping professional help in a house sale is truly up to the individual selling the house; furthermore, there are fewer repercussions in a sell-by-owner cash agreement. If you do not hire a real estate agent, you will need to adequately value your home. This can keep the bottom-feeders who want to swoop in and offer a lump sum of cash for significantly less than what your home is worth. Look at various sources for comparative pricing on similar homes in your neighborhood, this will provide a good starting point to base an asking price.

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Protect Yourself

When you do find a cash buyer, get proof of funds from the buyer before you sign anything in writing. Watch out for cash buyers who want to add extras on for home inspections and appraisals, this isn’t part of the cash deal and it really defeats the purpose of selling your house for cash. There are reputable cash buyers and a simple Google search will produce a list of certified buyers in your area. It’s always best to protect yourself by calling a listed business rather than going with someone who just set up shop. An established business will have no problem proving funds are available.

Other Factors

Due to the fact that cash buyers have intentions on remolding, you could cut a short-term deal with the buyer with a lease-back to remain in your home while repairs are being done. This provides a temporary solution for your living arrangements if the house sells before you’re ready to move and provides an income stream for the buyer while they’re doing their repairs. If you are not losing thousands of dollars below the “as is” agreement, it’s a great way to avoid all of the legal paperwork and inconvenience that conventional bank loans are known for. At the end of the day, being on the receiving end of any real estate deal that fills your pockets with hundred-dollar bills, then yes, cash is king.