Care and Maintenance of Bi-fold Doors

A bi-fold door is a door that slides open while its Bi-fold panels are well stacked on one side leaving a clear way. These doors provide a great view of the surrounding environment. The moving panels can either separate at the center or pile to one side. Here are some of the care and maintenance procedures that Bi-fold doors Perth recommend to people that buy this kind of doors.

For the best results, you should have an expert install your door. If the installer does a poor job, it can lead to damage of the doors which can be quite expensive and can lead to the nullification of your warranty. More so, the fitter should be able to give you some tips on the maintenance of the doors.

To keep the frames, edges and hinges of the door clean, use some warm water and add a little detergent. Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners to protect the painted doors. A soft piece of cloth or sponge should clean perfectly well. Once the doors are dry, a bit of silicone spray on the door hinges and locking mechanisms will keep them in good working condition but be sure to wipe out the excess. Be on the lookout for small debris such as stones that could get stuck on the door track. These obstacles could act as a stumbling block to the running of the doors and could wreck them.

One is advised to thoroughly vacuum clean the door tracks once a month to avoid the accumulation of dust and broken pieces of debris. The door frames should be cleaned depending on the atmospheric condition of a place and pollution effect of a place. If you live near the sea, you should clean frequently. If you live close to a sea, ensure that you clean the door surface with fresh water to remove any salt deposits before they can accumulate. Since the operation of bi-folding doors is mainly dependent on the tracks, these tracks are therefore required to be cleaned on a regular basis. The most effortless way to clean the door tracks is using a Hoover.

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Even though your bi-fold doors are built to bear all the rigors of normal use, you should always handle them gently. Do not try to force them if for some reason they get stiff; it’s probably just some piece of debris that is blocking its way. Check and remove it rather than risk wrecking your doors by forcing them open.

Try as much as possible to never leave the keys on the lock. The handles automatically controlled by another handle should not be used to move the doors along the track when opening and closing the doors. Having bi-fold doors is a great way to usher in the maximum amount of light in your house. However, you must ensure that you maintain the doors in good condition to avoid damage.