Winning a Bidding War on a House in a Seller’s Market

During a seller’s market, there are fewer Manlius houses available for sale and the ones that usually have countless offers already waiting. If you think you have a chance of being the winning bidder without a local real estate agent manlius ny representing you, you should be prepared for countless disappointment. As each house sells faster and for more money the inventory drops.

Narrowing Down the Search Helps

When you are hunting down a house in a seller’s market, you’ll need to be on your game because they are selling faster than usual. When you are relying only on the newspaper or realty magazines to find listings, chances are excellent that they will already have offers or be sold by the time you get around to seeing them. With the help of a real estate agent, you will give the Manlius agent all the specs on the house you want so they are scouring the MLS nightly for new listings that meet your criteria. This way, when a new house is listed to the MLS, your agent can get you an appointment first and give you the best chance to present an offer before the masses show up.

Presenting an Offer That Appeals to the Seller

Even if you happen to get lucky and be the first or one of the first to see a house listed on the market, without an agent you have no idea how to make the offer attractive enough, so the seller selects you. When there could be a dozen people fighting for the same property, it all comes down to the quality of the offer. Your real estate agent understands exactly how to appeal to the seller, and that means the right dollar amount and respect for the property. Now is not the time to haggle about things that need to be fixed in the house, now is the time to get an offer accepted.

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Avoiding Anything That Could Kill the Sale

Insult the seller or have unexpected financial issues arise during the sale and the seller will quickly move on to another buyer. Once the offer is accepted, your Manlius agent is going to draw on years of experience and the help of the brokerage to anticipate issues that could arise and fix them before they have the chance to kill the sale. Your realtor is an expert and identifying issues long before they have the chance to put the house sale on hold and kill your chances of owning the house. When the seller has the advantage in the real estate market, you need every possible advantage to win the bid on the house you want. By partnering with a local Manlius real estate agent, you are going to put yourself in the best position to avoid disappointment and walk away with the house you had been hoping to eventually own.