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A Guide to Intermodal Transportation and Local Drayage.

Special standardized containers are used in the carriage of goods to customers via the intermodal transportation. These specialized containers are transported using various ways. Examples are the use of trucks, freight trains and ships. Good organization and proper coordination is needed in the intermodal transportation network. Ships and trains carry the huge bulk of moving the commodities. The connection between the two methods is usually done by the trucks. Drayage services involve the connections between ports, inland docks, and rail terminals. The use of intermodal transportation has been there for the longest time.

Drayage system usually cover short distances in between two terminals. Trains and ships do most of the transportation. These two have the benefit of the ability to ferry quite s number of containers at a time. There are many advantages of container transportation. The use of the specialized container always guarantee the safety of the commodities being transported. Good packing of the goods also contribute to their safety. In some cases, little damages are observed. The technical hitches responsible for these damages can be prevented. For this reason, intermodal transportation offers one of the safest transportation methods.

Intermodal traffic is beneficial as it saves on labor. In between the transportation, there is no labor needed. This minimizes the labor that is needed throughout the journey. About this, there is no or little theft of items transported. The sealing of the containers throughout the journey is very instrumental in making sure that the goods are free from theft or losses of any kind.
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Another good thing about the intermodal transportation is the availability of the specialized containers. Some cargo may require specialized containers for their adequate transportation. Liquid cargo cannot be transported in the same containers as the solid ones. Some special cargo such as livestock and farm produce may need special containers. The containers are durable. They are also special since they can be transported via the various modes of transportation available. The trucks are usually the final mode of transporting goods that reach the consumers. These trucks can access most places.
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The intermodal transportation also helps in time-saving. Also the system has proven to be very efficient. Loading and offloading the containers is far much effective by the use of cranes. Finally, the intermodal transportation system is flexible. Trains and trucks are used to transport the cargo on dry land. Barges transport goods inland on inland waters. On the other hand, ships are responsible for sea transportation of the cargo. The intermodal freight transportation together with the local drayage are very convenient for both the long and short distance transportation of commodities. This is the main reason why intermodal transportation covers most of the world. It is also a cost effective way of transporting goods.