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How To Overcome The Fear Of Change That You Have Confronting You

Change is one thing never quite embraced by many of us. Whenever we are faced with the prospect of change, we often seem to get a bit distressed and are often not as comfortable with the prospect. It gets hard trying to understand how the people who never mind change get by the feelings often associated with it. However the flip side is that we can find some ways with which we can deal with this feeling which can get so debilitating to some.

First as a step is for you to acknowledge the feeling of fear that is you. After such an acceptance, you need to start working on plans which will go towards making the seemingly unbearable situation bearable. This fear of change is a real obstacle to enabling the majority of us living our full potential and none will be ready to fall in this category. You are in the time to get the feeling of fear past you.

Consider the maintenance of a journal. Have the journal which will be a record of the fears and their causes in your life. Have in the journal a record of all your emotions and how the particular feelings are affecting your life. In the journal you will also need a reflection and a record of the dreams and aspirations you hold for the future and all the possible plans you hold of the future and how these are planned to be achieved. The journal is an effective way of relieving yourself of the pent up emotions and unnecessary baggage holding you down. The journal is a perfect opportunity for you to have a fresh view of the situation facing you. Whenever you have yourself decoding a particular situation, it is always a good idea to have a balanced view of the situation facing you. See all the views and perspectives of the situations that are causing you all the negative feelings.

The next step in dealing with your fear problem is to focus on the excitement and not just the fear factors. Have a view of the situations confronting you from a stand point which will excite you and not the perspective which will cause you fear. The resultant effect will be a transformation of the energies in the whole process from negative to positive and the chain reaction will really change the whole scenario. Focus a lot on the possibilities of a new start and fresh beginnings and never let fear cripple you by making you see all the new horizons as something impossible. Rememeber that the embracing of change was to enable you have the benefits of such change in your life. This is a second chance at enjoying your life to the fullest.

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What Almost No One Knows About Lifestyles

How to Get Rid of Fear ofChange

May people resist change that happens in their lives. A lot of people become distressed when they are in a situation where change is inevitable. The the first step is to acknowledge that you know change is about to occur and you want to overcome the situation. Most people miss out on major opportunities in their lives due to their resistance to change. It is okay to be afraid of the change about to take in your life that at the same time you needs to acknowledge that you need to work on yourself and face the change boldly. You can overcome fear in the following ways. You need to maintain a journal. Make sure that you put down all your fears and feelings towards the change you are about to make. Put down your emotions and explain how the change that is about to take place and how that has affected your life. Write about your hopes for the future and what you want your life to be without the anxiety. Revise the best and worst scenarios for specific situations and write down what that looks like.

Focus your energy on the excitement of a situation rather than dwelling on your fears. Get motivated about what could be and what you may not know about. Do not let anxiety control you and steal your joy. Always remember that you are choosing change and it is the best for you. Focus on the likelihood of a new start, happiness and a new beginning in life. Overtake your fear with excitement and change forward with a positive attitude in place.

You need to be helped when going through a tough time. You can reach to your family and friends and get someone you can open up to. Talk to them about your anxiety and what you feel towards a particular scenario. Open up to them about your fears of change and get the advice they have to give about your current situation. Your support person may have gone through what you are experiencing and they may offer advice that will help you go through your current situation. Be open with others about your feelings and what you are dealing with despite how difficult it may be. Ask your support person questions that may be bothering you for example why they made a change and how it affected them.

When you are fully equipped , it’s time to make the move. Make that change that you have feared to make in the past. Let your support person know that you have made the bold move and go through each step that you have gone through. The person will walk with you through the steps. You need to make a move when faced with such a scenario to avoid stagnating in the same place for the rest of our lives.

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