The Role And Function Of Retail Businesses

The word retail comes from French, which means cutting or breaking things. Retail or retail can be understood as all activities involved in the sale of goods or services directly to the end consumer for personal use rather than business use. Often people think that retail only sells products in stores. But retail (retail) also involves delivery services to homes. Not all retail is done in stores.

Activities undertaken in the retail business are to sell various products, services or both, to consumers for both personal and joint consumption. Manufacturers sell their products to retailers and large retailers (wholesaler). These big retailers are also often referred to as wholesalers or wholesalers. As for some roles and functions of a retail business:

The Role of Retail Business

  1. Provide the supply or supply of goods and services when and when it takes customer with little or no delay.
  2. Make consumers or customers in choosing or comparing the form, quality and goods and services offered.
  3. Maintaining low sales prices in order to compete in satisfying customers
  4. Help improve people’s living standards
  5. The existence of retail business also allows the production of large-scale (mass production).

Functions of Retail Businesses

  1. To conduct business activities in convenient locations and easily accessible to customers
  2. Provide a variety of products that allow customers to choose the desired product
  3. Share large quantities of products so they can be sold in small packages or sizes
  4. Change the product into a more attractive form.
  5. Save the product in order to remain available at a relatively fixed price
  6. Helps the change (transfer) of ownership of goods from producers to consumers
  7. Causing the movement of goods through the distribution system
  8. Provide information, not only to customers, but also to suppliers
  9. Provide assurance of after-sales service products, and participate in handling customer complaints
  10. Provide credit and lease facilities.