Reviewing Misdemeanor Charges In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants face a possible conviction for crimes that are classified as a felony or misdemeanor. The classification of the crime could impose stricter punishments. Felonies are the classification for the highest charges. However, defendants who are facing misdemeanors could receive harsh penalties. An attorney in Oklahoma can provide a legal defense for these defendants.

Animal Abuse or Cruelty

Animal abuse or cruelty indicates inhumane acts against animals. The charges could include direct abuse or battery. They could also include but are not limited to neglect, starvation, physical violence, or acts that cause the death of the animal. A common legal defense for these charges relates to the defendant becoming a victim of an animal attack. However, they must prove that the animal attacked them and wasn’t provoked.

Writing Fraudulent Checks

Fraudulent check charges equate to exchanging checks for goodies that aren’t valid. Typically, the charges apply when the writer was aware that their account was closed or lacks funds. This doesn’t include an accidental overdraft. These events can happen; however, the owner manages them through their bank. To avoid the charge, the defendant can repay the bank. However, if they can prove that another party wrote the checks, they can use this as a defense.

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and entering is classified as a misdemeanor if the defendant didn’t take anything from the property. A possible defense for the crime could relate to assessing and obtaining medical treatment for the homeowner. However, in this instance, the defendant must present evidence to substantiate the claim.

Reviewing Shoplifting Cases

Shoplifting is also a misdemeanor as long as the value of the items stolen didn’t exceed $1,000. The age of the defendant could present a legal defense. If they are under the age of sixteen, the defendant could use an infancy defense. If the child’s age prevents them from understanding the crime, the defense applies.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants have access to certain defenses related to misdemeanor charges. The charges could range from animal cruelty to shoplifting. The attorney helps these defendants build an appropriate defense. Defendants facing the charges visit for more information about their charges.