How to Start a Business selling bags

Bags are the basic necessities of all people, especially women who always need bags to store and carry things. Bags are many kinds and models, ranging from backpacks, cosmetic bags, purse bags, side bags, small bags and so forth. In addition as a tool to carry a wide range of goods, bags also become one of the fashion complement. With a good bag then we can be more confident

Starting a business selling women’s handbags, it seems nowadays become a cool trend because almost every day there is a mutual new bag, especially for those who are penchant for collecting bags, what else these bags branded alias from leading brands. In this modern era where almost all companies routinely develop and create the last innovation in their products because it is demanded by the age and the consumers who routinely thirst with new and unique factors. Starting from the lower class, middle to upper class they must really need a bag, even some of them deliberately collecting and looking for Limited Edition which will be marketed alias auctioned. Some things about starting a business selling bags


Of course its the most important business is how we create the planning. Plans are really important to determine a business. Try you imagine how a business without a plan? May be messed up. Take your Planning about what you are going to do in the future.


Capital is really important in a business, maybe without business capital aka business we plan will not be realized, therefore the capital is really needed to build a business. The capital here we can define in not a few dimensions can be knowledge capital, skill aka skill capital, network capital aka relation, acquaintance capital, reckless capital, modal talkative, capital money or material alias. Surely all of it is a very dizzy capital for us to understand and we have, without a strong capital may be business alias business that we run unrealized.

Target market

If you want to start a business bag, make sure you determine the target market, a, so if you target your product market in global way surely you are obliged to promote more broadly for example advertisement and online.

Location and Place

Surely location and place is really important because with a suitable location and strategic, so the more consumers easy access your place. Find a place close to the crowd and easy on the way through the vehicle.

Promotion and Effective Marketing

If the Product You want to be known by the people, so you are obliged to promote and market your products in a broad way too.