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The title pharmacist is basically referring to the licensed professional who practices pharmacy, which is defined as the science and the technique of administering and preparing medications or drugs. Pharmacy is also defined as the field of health sciences that focuses on the safe and effective use of medications and drugs to the people. Druggist and chemist are the two other titles used by the people for the pharmacist and they are involved in the care of the patients and are also part of the healthcare team. An efficient and reliable pharmacist typically understands the uses of drugs, the biochemical actions and mechanisms of drugs, the side effects or the adverse effects of the drugs, monitoring parameters, any potential drug interactions, and the therapeutic roles of drugs. The pharmacist who is licensed may work in various settings, such as wholesaling, research, academia, military, and government agency, and they may also work as a hospital pharmacist or a community pharmacist.

Pharmacy is not just a term used for the field of health sciences, but it is also being used by the people for the retail store or shop that can provide their customers or the patients with their prescribed medications, and they may also provide their consumers with advices and assistance on the various OTC drugs. Some other terms used for the pharmacy as a retail shop, include chemist’s, drugstore, and community pharmacy. A local pharmacy is commonly found on the commercial area of a community, but now that we are already living in the modern era, most of the pharmacy or drugstores are making use of the internet, provides their services and operates online. The internet pharmacy is referring to the drugstores that operates online, and such can also be called as mail-order pharmacy and online pharmacy, and they collaborate together with the mail or shipping companies to send or deliver the orders of their consumers or clients.

The ePharmacies is an example of the online pharmacies that also operates as a free drug price comparison engine. The said online pharmacy can help their clients or customers find various online pharmacies or drugstores that can give them with convenience and privacy that they need as they order and purchase online, lower prescription prices of the prescribed drugs, and great access to any low-cost generic prescription drugs. The basic reasons why the people chose to become a member and use the services of the ePharmacies, is because it can provide them with the ability to share their experience by posting drug product reviews and ratings, by commenting and asking questions about the drugs on their website; the ability to obtain and redeem pharmacy and drug coupons on their website to get additional savings; and the ability to learn more about the various online pharmacies, for their site include reviews and ratings of the different companies, as well as the recent updates and news about FDA.

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