7 Reasons to Heat Your Home with Wood

Keeping a home warm during the cold winter months is vital to enjoying this time of year. There are various options for heating a home, but using wood as the main fuel has many benefits. The placement and efficiency of a wood heater, the environmental and economic impacts of using wood, and lack of power needed for wood burning are all factors to consider.

Placement and Efficiency

One of the main benefits of putting in a wood burning stove is the placement of the unit can be essentially anywhere in a home. The only requirement is that the stove be vented to an outside area, and that can be accomplished in most spaces. Another benefit is the efficiency with which wood can heat a home. Wood burning stoves use radiant heat to warm up an area. This type of heat can move through a space much more effectively than air that is pushed through an opening. The heat from a wood stove is very powerful and can send warmth in all directions. Many stoves also come with a fan system to help circulate the heat even more.

Environmentally and Economically Friendly

When wood is compared to fossil fuels such as coal, propane or natural gas, it is much more environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable resource that, when managed effectively, will not run out. Burning wood is also more carbon neutral because it does not give off the amount of carbon dioxide that other heating sources do. Wood is also more cost effective to use as a source of heat. In homes where wood stoves are placed strategically in zones to heat the home as needed, the savings can amount to a great deal of money on an annual basis.

Self Sufficient

Heating a home with wood has another benefit in that it does not require any external power source to run. If the power in an area goes out, a home can still be heated with a wood burning stove. This can give a great deal of peace of mind to anyone that lives in an area where power outages have occurred. These wood stoves can also be used for cooking when needed as the top surface can get warm enough on certain models. Wood stoves are a stylish, economical and environmentally friendly way to heat a home.